Chaterz Host - شاترز هوست Terms and Conditions - Client Management, Invoice and Support Software

ChaterzHost web hosting and designs agreement (this "Agreement") is between  and the person (individual or legal person or legal entity) whose signs ChaterzHost service order and set up form (the "Order") incorporating this Agreement by reference ("Customer"). This Agreement governs Customer's use of ChaterzHost  Web Hosting and banners designs services.

1 - Term

The initial service term of the Agreement shall begin on the date that ChaterzHost generates an e-mail message to Customer announcing the activation of the Customer's account (the "Service Commencement Date") and shall continue for the number of months stated in the Order (the "Initial Term"). Upon expiration of the Initial Term, this Agreement shall automatically renew unless ChaterzHost  or Customer provides the other with written notice of non-renewal through the customer center. The Initial Term and any Renewal Term may be referred to collectively in this Agreement as the "Term."

2 - Services

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, and contingent on Customer's satisfaction of ChaterzHost credit approval requirements, ChaterzHost agrees to provide web hosting and Designs services described in the Order for the fees stated in the Order.

3 - Payment Methods

A - Instant payments :

ChaterzHost use Bitcoin “coinify” and Paypal payment processor. Clients may submit a payment instantly with a valid credit or debit card or by using the balance of  Paypal account. ChaterzHost  accepts payments from Verifed and from Unverified Paypal accounts, which generally means that the client may either use the funds on the credit / debit card attached to Paypal (verified paypal) or the balance on his PayPal account (Unverified) to submit the payment for the services provided by ChaterzHost.

     B – Manual Payments :

ChaterzHost accept manual payments from  Neteller , Payza and Perfect Money , Clients may order services and submit manually payment , contact us first [email protected]

3 -  Refunds.

Refunds are only valid on the the initial term for Shared web hosting packages ( Plus , Premium , VIP ) Refunds are not available on Banners Designs , or any other services not listed in  

4 - Confidentiality

ChaterzHost  will not share any of it's client personal information to any third parties not related to ChaterzHost

5 – Forbidden Websites and Contents :

The following scripts are forbidden to use on our servers and may not be uploaded or run. Reasons for banning them include invitations to hackers/spammers/criminal activity, etc. Hosting any type of these sites will result in instant account suspension until the content is removed. On the case that the content was uploaded willingly by the client, ChaterzHost reserves the right to terminate any account without the possibility of a refund , ChaterzHost also reserves the right to remove  content from user account without prior notification. Forbidden scripts and Content  types listed below:

  • Adult content ( video, images …. )
  • Bots
  • Proxy server scripts (also any other script which operates as proxy)
  • Mail bomber and spam scripts
  • IP spoofers and port scanners
  • Pirated Software or any form of warez
  • Bruteforce Programs or scripts
  • Illegal drug or any other substance or product not allowed to be sold in US or Contraband related sites
  • Sites distributing copyrighted content without proper licenses
  • Hacker programs, credit card dumps, hacker focused sites
  • Forums distributing warez or any other illegal content
  • Fraudulent sites (fake banking services, fake login pages, any other site mining information in illegal ways)
  • Viruses, trojan horses, mass ping, ddos, udp or tcp flood scripts, or other kind of desctructive scripts

6 - Refuse Service

ChaterzHost  reserve the right to refuse service to any active or in-active customers for any reason it deems necessary.


ChaterzHost shall not be responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental and consequential damages, which may arise from ChaterzHost servers going off-line or being unavailable for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore All damages shall be limited to the immediate termination of service. Violations of these Acceptable Uses Policies should be referred by our contact page. All complaints will be investigated promptly.